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So Where’d Those Avengers Disintegrate Off To?

So, if you are in any way a comic book fan and you've taken the plunge and seen Marvel's most recent blockbuster, Avengers: Infinity War (IW), its safe to say that you are pretty emotional right now. 





And you have every right to be...


I mean.. where the hell is Black Panther? We just met him a couple of months ago!! 


All of the new guys are gone, and nobody knows where they went. They basically just died in front of everybody and the Russo Brothers [the film's directors] just let It simmer.


Believe me, I am a DIE HARD Marvel fan and love almost all of the original comics as well as their films and tv shows based in the cinematic universe (MCU). The Infinity War storyline is based on the 1991 comic miniseries Infinity Gauntlet, and if I'm being honest... they did a pretty good job of sticking to that storyline. But I cannot lie... watching my FAVORITE character (SPIDER-MAN) depicted from my favorite spideyverse (ULTIMATE) just disintegrate into nothingness... really hurt my soul. It was a literal punch in the face...


Just like this.


That ugly, slimy, odd-looking alien is me.

But... as soon as I recovered from Captain America's brutal punch to the face, I remembered that despite the various differences between the comics and past MCU films, various avengers did indeed disappear with 50% of the Universe's population without a trace in the Infinity Gauntlet comic. However... they made it back in the comics; So I'm sure most, if not all, of the MCU heroes who disappeared will come back as well. I mean, Spidey's got a whole movie coming out in 2019 and there is no way in hell Disney is NOT going to piggy-back off of Black Panther's recent record breaking success with yet another game changing sequel.

You saw how they JUMPED forward a week in the release of Infinity War...


Hmm... I wonder if I jumped into a lady's DMs like this would I be welcomed or banished for life... 🤔. The questions I ask myself when I'm alone writing these articles that I hope you all find interesting enough to read... any-who, back to that shiny yellow gauntlet...


Now, in the comics, Thanos has the gauntlet already and all of the Infinity Stones (the biggest difference between the comic and the IW film) and is ready to make his GODLY judgement on the universe. The Avengers are first on the scene and attempt to rid Thanos of this power.

They fail.


Almost all of them "die" and vanish with half of the Universe's population. This is basically directly in line with what happened in the MCU's Infinity War storyline. 


NOW we are breaching into how the second movie will be set up...

Considering that the MCU has only developed one of the cosmic super heroes from the Marvel Archive, it is safe to assume that they will not be following the Infinity Gauntlet miniseries as closely going forward.

In Infinity Gauntlet, heroes such as Galactus, Kronos, and the Living Tribunal, get involved and ultimately fail as well.


Another cosmic hero, Nebula, is able to steal It from Thanos at a time of vulnerability; however, she becomes the threat and the team actually teams up WITH Thanos to save the Universe from her.


Ultimately she keeps the gauntlet, but restores everything back to the way It was and all is happy again in the world...

Clearly... this cannot happen in the next MCU Avengers installment... So what's the deal? 

Well... a year ago, I found a rumor that Adam Warlock would make an appearance in Gaurdians of the Galaxy 3 that was later confirmed by the director himself. There have actually been two KNOWN easter eggs in the GOTG movies foreshadowing his appearance in the films. This is important because Warlock is the key to fixing Thanos' messed up plans in the comics, and with him coming to the MCU, I would suspect he'll be a key player there as well. 


In case you don't know who this is, Adam Warlock is a lab-created super being that has super strength, speed, can fly, and heal himself with a special cocoon. He actually draws a lot of his power from the soul stone... Yeah... that's kind of important.... Oh yeah... He's also gold... VERY gold...


😈 ...🤙🏾


He also iconically wears a red one piece...


I believe that the ORIGINAL avengers are going to ban together and somehow beat Thanos with Warlock's last minute help. As I mentioned before, all of the NEW avengers disappeared... Thor, Cap. America, Black Widow, Hulk, Iron Man, and (most likely Hawkeye/Ronin) have not disappeared. So I feel some twist on the horizon that we simply cannot guess that will allow these characters to prevail and with Warlocks help and ability to utilize power from the soul stone, they should be able to defeat Thanos and return things back to normal.


I would REALLY like to see an easter egg in the next Avengers alluding to an MCU X-Men... I would be so happy...😍


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Thanks for reading!